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2 Things you must know about LIVER TRANSPLANT in India

June 10, 2019

Few Days back I got a call from Tunisian Lady asking that myhusband is suffering from liver cirrhosis and need urgent transplant.But my blood group is not matching and other family members arenot eager to donate his organ. I can’t see my husband to die day byday. Her pain and grief was visible in her voice. I exchange mysympathy and asked her to convince her family member that is verysafe surgery and except a scare there is nothing to worry. In Indiawe are doing dozen of liver transplant daily basis in differenthospitals and all are well. There is no life threatening situation forthe donors. We talked each other almost 15 minutes and the lastthing she asked me was “Can we buy liver in India?” I smiled byheart in spite of worried for her husband and replied emphatically“NO”.Let me described you two very import things you must have toknow regarding liver transplant in India. One is a living donor forliver transplant must be a nearby relative characterized as a 'closerelative' in the THO Act. This is characterized as life partner,guardians, kin, grandparents, and children of the patients. The ruleis donor should be either from linage of father side or mother side.The entire close relative can be a donor till he/she is medically fitand fulfil the India law. SOLID BODY ORGAN LIKE LIVER/ KIDNEY ISILLEGAL TO SALE OR BUY INDIA. According to Indian penal code, ifanybody offers you to provide liver or kidney by money then boththe parties will face the legal action. So don’t trust such agency ororganization may be you will lose your money and land in jail.Second thing you can get a cadaveric donor in India. A cadaverdonor is a person who donates his or her body organ after deathfor scientific research work and discovery, or for organ transplants.The main problem of cadaveric donor is a long waiting time.Cadaveric organ is not frequently available that’s why patients aredecided on the basis of “first come first served”. You have to knowthat Indians and foreigner are equal to get a cadaver organ underthis system but the list is really long many patients have to waitseveral months or even a year. If you have any question regardingliver transplant please ask us.

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